Fidelity Research FR-64S to FR66S Conversion Kit

The legendary Fidelity Research FR-66S tonearm is one of the most iconic tonearms ever made. The design,  engineering and, machinery precision are unmatched by many of today's tonearms. 

However, due to its ever-increasing cost on the used market, most people can only afford the 10" FR-64S and not the 12" FR-66S. The FR-64S costs around $ 1500 to $ 2500 on the used market, whereas a 12" FR-66S can fetches nearly $ 10,000 USD on eBay.

The AnalogMagik Fidelity Research 12" FR-66S conversion kit will allow you to convert your FR-64S to an FR-66S at a fraction of the price. The FR-66S Conversion Kit comes with a 12" FR66S Armwand, and 2 Counterweights, just like the original FR-66S.

The kit cost $ 1,200 USD.   

(Installation and labor are extra. Armwand and Counterweight are only sold as a set, and not separately.). 

How do I install the Conversion Kit?

Installation of the 12" Conversion kit requires a complete disassembly or the tonearm.    It is usually done during our complete restoration process.

We offer many upgrade options while doing the installation, such as:

* Direct Wiring DIN Plug Bypass

* ABEC-9 Semi-Ceramic Bearing Upgrade

* Installation of WBT connectors 

* Bearing Reset

Each FR-64S differs despite having the same look and model.   Please email us for details, pricing, as well as customization needs.