Kharma Omega-F driver explained

Kharma writes: "As you might know, the Omega-F driver is THE driver used in the Enigma Veyron series and has been developed by Kharma. When these drivers were launched, they were a totally new and unique approach to eliminating distortion, which is normally caused and present in the widely used iron-based magnet motor system."


"Within the F-driver, we've totally eliminated iron out of the magnet motor system. With smart clustering of magnets a static magnet field has been realized that does not need any focussing by iron. 

By eliminating these Eddy currents, the drivers act faster, with less distortion and with vastly increased resolution and detail. These sonic benefits are throughout the whole bandwidth of the driver. Resulting in: better transients, less coloration and more refined complex sound structures. 

But of course, we've also looked at the rest of the material of the driver and therefore the cones and voice coil are also optimized with strong carbon fiber technology."