New Music Hall Stealth Direct-Drive Turntable

Music Hall, manufacturer and distributor of fine audio components since 1985, is pleased to introduce Stealth, the company’s first direct-drive turntable. 

Stealth is a true high-end turntable that combines rugged construction, superb audio performance, and unique design features with the ease of use generally associated with throw-away entry-level turntables. 

Stealth features:

-Ultra quiet direct drive with brushless motor: permanently adjusted, no belt to slip or replace, ever

-4-pound aluminum platter is rubber-damped on its underside, and also topped with vibration-damping rubber mat

-High-performance aluminum tonearm with on-the-fly adjustment of Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA)

-Multi-layer plinth and adjustable vibration-damping feet ensure effective isolation from airborne and structure-borne vibration and feedback

-Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge ($230 value) is included, mounted and precisely-aligned

-Auto shut-off  and automatic standby mode allow for relaxed usage

-Touch-activated electronic speed control of all three speeds (33 ⅓, 45, 78) and removable headshell accommodate records of all types, from even the largest libraries

-Cloth dust cover provides protection against---well, dust, when not in use

Stealth offers ease of use combined with high performance; its excellent tonearm allows the opportunity to upgrade to a moving coil cartridge in the future, if desired.  Vinyl guru Michael Fremer wrote on Analog Planet, “the Stealth is a stylish, well-performing and fine sounding, moderately priced, well-damped and isolated direct-drive turntable, the sound of which is limited mainly by your choice of cartridge.” Stealth is designed for decades of trouble-free enjoyment and pride of ownership.

“Music Hall has offered good-quality, high-value turntables since 1998, way before the vinyl revival,” said Roy Hall, President for Life of Music Hall. “Stealth provides really good sound quality and performance without the hairshirt bullshit that scares off a lot of vinyl newbies. There’s no reason to make record-playing any fucking harder than it has to be. “

Music Hall Stealth is available directly from Music Hall and from their dealers. MSRP in the US is $1,495.