Rhapsody Audio SIX Listening Rooms

The Rhapsody.Audio site has now been completely updated to include live pages for SIX Rhapsody Listening Rooms, which includes their new main location in Brooklyn. 

All six Rhapsody.Audio Listening Rooms are now open, by appointment, for demonstrations. Each Rhapsody listening room has products from Pilium, Alsyvox, Bayz, and Diesis available for demonstration.

Several of the RLR’s have the Taiko Extreme server as well as Aurender servers on display.

In addition, the Brooklyn and Dallas/Fort Worth locations have full Kondo Reference systems available for demonstration.

The Brooklyn and Dallas/Forth Worth locations will both have Magico M9s installed in Q1, 22 driven by full Pilium Audio systems.

Each RLR has a live page available for viewing at ​https://rhapsody.audio​​​