Tchernov Cable Ultimate 2022

Tchernov Cable proudly announces the launch of the new Ultimate'2022 program to celebrate Tchernov Cable's 20th anniversary! 


"With the full gamut of our latest technical innovations precisely packed in a more compact frame, this interconnect is intended mainly for desk-top, portable audio, as well as for the most sophisticated on-board installations in confined cable trunks. This stunningly versatile lightweight design builds on the new from scratch 0.35 mm² BRC+ conductor with the significantly improved impurities ratio and FTDA® damping method. The modified SASDB® binding combined with the SATI® insulation steps down the distributed capacitance thus manifesting itself as desensitizing the cable to HF and UHF noise, decrease the relative permittivity and signal energy loss."   

The cotton tape underlayer for the X-Shield® SE provides efficient shield’s decoupling from the Cable Core thereby drastically decreasing electro-dynamic noise, caused by the shield’s vibration and movement in the Earth’s magnetic field. The combined 2-layer Elastollan® jacketing with the inner air-foamed layer ensures unrivalled long-term mechanical stability and exemplary flexibility, maximizing the overall usability. The new pristine Ultimate S RCA plug with the palladium plated cap for extra UHF noise shielding make the tightly aligned connection easy even with a flush-mounted socket. Sonically the Ultimate Slim IC is easily comparable with the very best rivals at any price. It performs simply exceptionally, with meticulous attention to every subtlety, ensuring stunning analog accuracy and realism.