Acoustic Revive RTS-30 | RKI-5005 | RWL-3 Absolute | LAN-Quadrant-TC Review

Products from the Land of the Rising Sun always have something beyond interesting, and the creations of Mr. Ken Ishiguro of Acoustic Revive are no different in this regard. To be exact, they are something special and escape the ordinary nomenclature.  

I can not evaluate everything that is requested for review here at Mono & Stereo. I am not the biggest fan of constantly poring over reviews.

Bringing a product to market quickly and pouncing on the new product with the review already waiting frantically in line to wow the manufacturers is not my modus operandi. 

Not only do different audio devices need to settle in, but perhaps more importantly, it is of utmost importance person to evaluate the particular product associated with that system is fully into it. 

For example. If I feel overwhelmed, distracted, too tired, etc... I withdraw from critical evaluation. There is tons of paper out there that represents the factual; our senses and sensory mechanisms act differently under stress. 

Have you ever wondered how it is that a system suddenly shouts when a day or hours before it was in heavenly realms? Well, usually our inner balance was shaken by something or someone. 

The hectic schedule and the intention to write a review will be reflected in the review, and I do everything I can to retract of getting things done in a hurry. The result is not good for the readers, the manufacturer, or the author. The lack of enthusiasm is evident, frenzied underlaying is there. 

But among the products, I always enjoy discovering are Ishiguro's proud creations. They always seem to find their place once a year and for the year 2021, Mr. Ishiguro has chosen these four products to put under the microscope:
  • RTS-30
  • LAN-QUADRANT-TripleC (Kiyoh stone color inside)
  • RWL-3 absolute
  • RKI-5005


Turntables use different materials such as metal, glass, felt, and rubber, but all have different sound qualities due to the behavior of certain materials. The Acoustic Revive RTS-30 turntable mat is formed by immersing natural ores such as Guiyang stone and tourmaline in a special damping material. 

By carving a geometric groove into a silicone-based damping material with already excellent damping properties, vibrations transmitted from the motor of an analog player and external vibrations, such as those from speakers, are effectively absorbed and eliminated.

In addition, the blend of natural ore creates potent negative ions that prevent the generation of static electricity during record playback and exert surface activation on vinyl records, resulting in lower noise.

The Acoustic Revive turntable mat, weighing 355 g, with an outer diameter of 290 mm and a thickness of 5 mm, should be suitable for most turntables. However, it is not recommended to use it with turntables such as Micro Seiki, TechDAS, Roksan Xerxes series TMS series.

RWL -3 Absolute

The RWL-3 Absolute was developed with the help of computer analysis and listening tests. The high-tech material made of natural silk and a special foam containing tourmaline releases negative ions that reproduce sound very gently and with excellent quality.

Sound absorbing room tuning tools based on glass wool, thick fibers, and room tuning based on the Helmholtz principle can destroy and opposite to this the RWL-3 Absolute only tunes the sound and spreads it ideally. This follows the principle, that once the sound was absorbed it changes its original form and can never be the same. 

Sound absorbing room tuning removes musically necessary elements such as the consistency of energy, the feeling of pulsating sonic propagation. RWL-3 Absolute eliminates only unwanted elements such as reflections, room echo, and standing waves so that the sound emitted by the speaker becomes very clear while increasing the feeling of sound volume and energy. 

No matter how well designed or precalculated, the conventional room tuning panels will always degrade the sound to a certain degree and tinker with phase and cross-modulation.

It's true that room acoustic can be precisely calculated, but always to a certain degree, and there's almost no way to include the behavior of loudspeakers. Including, shape, dispersion, etc. 

Ishiguro is firm that is the exact reason why cross-modulation distortion occurs within the listening triangle, destroying the sound quality. 

RWL-3 Absolute was not only based on computer analysis but several hundred test products were made and several hundred listening tests were conducted. 

These test and trial products created an ideal curved diffusion structure, resulting in excellent phase characteristics, solid sound position, and a wide and deep soundstage. 

Acoustic Revive ensures that even the skeptics will hear the benefits with a single RWL-3 Absolute positioned in the epicenter,  between the two speakers.

The natural silk and foam material contained in Tourmaline provides an overwhelmingly smooth and natural sound image.

The conventional room tuning materials can easily scatter natural brilliance and becomes dry and intimidating. 

This is due to the room tuning materials. The surface of the room tuning material creates reflections, even if they are made from absorbent room tuning materials. 

Various ways of using RWL-3 Absolute

Most of the textile covers cause a burst of a peak (resonance) and this peak becomes an unpleasant and irritating reflection that destroys the reproduced sound coming from the speakers and also sum-up it up uplesantly.

Acoustic Revive uses natural, high-quality silk as the surface material for the RWL-3 Absolute. Silk is the only fiber that carries a random weave and has no breakouts of resonance peaks, thus able to produce very natural sound behaviour.

In addition, the silk material of the RWL-3 Absolute contains tourmaline, which releases negative ions. Silk is made from a silk thread and silkworm naturally consumes tourmaline in the form of powder. 

In this way, Tourmaline is naturally present in the silk. The curved trench, which has a random depth, is also made of a special foam that also contains tourmaline.

With all materials combined RWL-3 Absolute releases a strong negative ion effect. Negative ions improve sound consistency and ensure smooth transmission of sound waves, resulting in clearer, more resolved smooth sonic projection.

RWL-3 Absolute was designed to surpass the concept and sound quality of conventional room tuning materials, providing a very smooth and natural sound.

This is because the design and material of RWL-3 Absolute have been carefully selected to provide high-quality room tuning in any type of room. 

RWL-3 Absolute was envisioned from the ground up to provide a foundation for ideal phase characteristics, focused imaging, wide sound stage, detailed information, and realistic sound. 

Acoustic Revive advises that RWL-3 Absolute panels will assist even in carefully thought out acoustical spaces and as you can read later, they can effectively assist. 


With RKI-5005, Acoustic Revive introduces a completely new insulation material that adds a negative ion effect to the overwhelming damping properties.

RKI-5005 was developed by using new materials optimized for thinner insulators. RKI-5005 uses a new silicon-based material that has been carefully studied for optimal hardness and viscosity.

A groove with a geometric pattern on the surface dramatically improves vibration damping properties and can be used with everything from loudspeakers to amplifiers, music players, audio racks, etc., and can be combined use with other insulators and shelves, cable insulators, and so on. 

Acoustic Review imagines the RKI-5005 not only as the accessory that greatly absorbs vibrations but also as a passive device that can increase more silent operation of the components.

Unlike traditional rubber soft insulators and spacers, no sonic damping of energy is engaged, making it easier to localize and dynamize a dense and clear sound image in a three-dimensional space. 

RKI-5005 is impregnated with a natural ore powder such as Guiyang stones and tourmaline combined with silicone-based new materials. All this adds to the damping properties.

Kiyoseki and tourmaline create negative ions by plying pressure and when the pressure is further induced by the weight of the speakers or audio components the insulator increase the audio system filled with negative ions.

Ishiguro firmly believes in how negative ions exert a significant effect on such charging inducing quality improvement effect in conjunction with the damping effect because the static electricity of the surface is removed.

The RKI- 5005 is highly effective in its primary role, goes beyond the conventional concept as an insulator.

It can be applied to the top surface of a component where it will provide a dampening effect and furnish quality improvement through the negative ion effect.
When used, the geometric pattern with the grooved side must face upwards when used. 

With a diameter of 50 mm and is 5mm thickness, it's not too large and can be used in many places. 


Acoustic Revive revealed LAN- QUADRANT-Triple C as the world's LAN cable that is completely divided into four parts, each of which has its application.

The four-part cable structure, which can be called Category 9, completely avoids interference between cables, reduces noise and distortion, and enables dramatic quality improvement.

LAN- QUADRANT-TripleC uses the world's first special acoustic conductor called PC-TripleC with a single wire in which the crystal structure is continuous in the horizontal direction in which the current flows through the forging process.

Ishiguro points out how the commercially available LAN cables made of a single wire with stranded conductors made by twisting thin wires create a stray current called "alien crosstalk" when transmitting over long distances (10m+) and such phenomena considerably hinder the transmission. 

Acoustic LAN-QUADRANT-TripleC encompass the ultimate LAN transmission by using claimed world's highest acoustic peak conductor PC -TripleC featuring a single wire, with the lowest thickness possible, bound to the current manufacturing limit.

LAN-QUADRANT-TripleC uses Teflon as the conductor which has excellent relative permittivity.

The relative permittivity is the ability to stop the current. For example, the relative permittivity of vinyl chloride (PVC), which is implemented in many LAN cable insulations, is up to 5.6, 

The relative dielectric constant of Teflon is 2.2, less than half the value ensuring far greater transmission speed.

In addition, natural silk is incorporated for the padding material, preventing the generation of static electricity and ensuring organic and uniform sound quality. 

The shielding is divided into four parts by PC-triple C braid, which does not cause any sonic degradation and has excellent shielding properties in all frequency ranges.

The Music 

My music treatise was full of listening examples extolling the virtues of Acoustic Revive TS -30, RKI-5005, RWL-3 Absolute, LAN Quadrant-TripleC. Here are a few noteworthy features, explained with music references. 


The album Moonlight Serenade by Laurindo Almeida and Ray Brown is a real treat for the aural senses. It's one of those albums I keep coming back to for pure music intake and to enjoy that kind of audio quality where it's easy to feel and distill any change in the system. 

With Moonlight Serenade Acoustic Revive RTS-30, Brown tonal feel was revered with more tactile sensibility, the tonal overlays were easier to lay down, making the vivid presence noticeable earlier and permitting to lurk deeper into a  multi-layered experience.

Laurindo Almeida and Ray Brown's interplay became more of a seamless affair and less of a musically coded script, with mechanical-seeming terms. 

It was great to see the ambiance and density of the sonic nodes tighten with a greater number of anchor points so that the musical narrative felt embedded in the overall structural presentation and the music became more accessible and sonorous.

RWL-3 Absolute

Synthetic reverberation and electronic music can reveal many interesting properties. There are many albums to enjoy the journey with while critically evaluating it. For example, John Tejada Parabolas is a masterpiece both musically and sonically. 

In particular, the proper propagation of reverberation, decay, and delay is crucial in shaping what the artist originally intended in the studio. 

I am not committed to pure acoustic recordings being the only references. I have spent enough hours in the studio and still enjoy tinkering with software and hardware to appreciate the importance of a well-recorded, produced, and mastered studio recording. Since there's no uncertainty about where you need to be present alive to fully comprehend the acoustic recording, and even then it's hard to fully understand the narrative you are trying to decipher a deep chunk of unkown unless you hear it at exactly the right time frame. 

With Acoustic Revive RWL-3 Absolute placed in different positions across my listening room, I have been able to create the parabolic structures of time and space more precisely and reproduce Tejada's minimalist masterpieces more intuitively. 

When the slowly per-muted emotional chords of the timeless "Farther And Fainter" engage, also tones and notes become more of a single but pleasantly fused physical object, vibrating freely at their given frequencies, yet still combining a harmonious whole without cutting their tails or smearing off the electronic drums' attack and leading edges.  

When the room acoustic elements are used properly and unwanted room energy is sufficiently mitigated, the effect can be heard and felt. 

Proper timing of reverberation is one of the most important issues for any acoustic panel, trap, or absorber to help with. It is fundamental in recreating either studio or live recording and it should help the listener to recover less counterintuitively and perceive reality better.

With more musical material strategically placed in my listening room, the RWL-3 Absolute helped revealed more of the feel of the musical arena, cementing the amplitude of the energy waves more coherently and allowing more precise tinkering with the axis and temporal length of the sound as it dropped and decayed in the room. 


Finding the right balance of a high-end audio accessory that does not overly enchant the acoustic presentation but cognitively renders the music's inner reality in the absence of missinformation where little is lost in translation is no easy task.

Acoustic Revive RKI-5005 was far from the unanchored signature of some audio accessories. On the contrary, it conveyed a deeper listening engagement that resonated with Acoustic Revive RKI-5005 ability to seize physical reality and as well as permitting the extraction of more fundamental information in sync with "Answer Me" by Bill Frisell from Haunted Heart, coherent with the music pace and ensuring that ringing and resonances resound far less. 

In all genres of music, Acoustic Revive RKI-5005 has shown time and again that it has a unique potential in helping reproduce the music with greater vitality and an unadulterated presence. A quality I would not normally associate with a product like RKI-5005, but here it is!


Ethernet cabling and music!? Another Pandora's box to be expanded exponentially. 

But with each recording during the evaluation, it becomes clear that Acoustic Revive LAN-QUADRANT-TripleC cable is not excluded from the information vortex and that digitally stored or streamed music is still not fully unfolded. And, that ethernet cables do matter

It's interesting how many times we have heard that analog has reached its last peak and how in the 80s, CD supposedly ended the analog game. Well, in reality, the never-resting analog lovers never really accepted this as reality. And the resurgence of vinyl and R2R tapes has been aided by some impressive analog gear.

So what and how can Ethernet cable contribute? With the right supplemental equipment, the difference can be monumental. The details painting the perplexed sonic canvas are less obscured and the basic energy waves are recomposed with a more correct frame that has less narrow boundaries, thus ensuring better relatedness and rapture. 

With I. Vigorously Decided Iv├ín Fischer - Mahler: Symphony No. 3 can get fuzzy, the Acoustic Review LAN-QUADRANT -TripleC managed to deal with unique d(effect) where different ethernet cables can tumble with radiance. Oppositely LAN-QUADRANT -TripleC created a less blurry and more vivid musical vivarium. 

With many familiar tracks and albums, the music felt far less segmented, projecting with clearer presence and loosening the energy of the music to be freer and more muscular. 


For years, Ken Ishiguro and his team have been making the right content for the right audience, and Acoustic Revive's products can be found in the homes of audiophiles and music lovers as well as in the hands of musicians and professional studio owners. This unique juxtaposition is rare and certainly says something. It is very difficult to satisfy both poles of the industry, but Ishiguro's products consistently find their place on both sides. 

No matter what type of product it is - and there is a wide variety in the Acoustic Revive portfolio - each and every product is always imbued with Ishiguro's unique vision and the particular way he implements the attributes that matter in this concept. 

When I talk about noble flame activation, it's not exactly the term I often refer to. Yet somehow the Acoustic Revive accessories bring with them a better sense of communication, with a density that resonates harmoniously. On and on I was intrigued by how transformative Acoustic Revive's products can be, each one on its own. 

Acoustic Revive's products further extend formidable glimpses into the infinite horizons of music, not only on their own but also in tandem. This is certainly not always mandatory, but a congruous synergy is created, even when several Acoustic Revive are used together. 

What I discover with each exploration of Ishiguro's proud creations is something uniquely subtle that results in the instinctive foundations of music being solidified in the absence of audio segmentation.

Instead, the relevant channels are freed up for more fluid delivery of music, endowed with an organic feel that somehow brings the listener closer to reality. 

Some things are unfathomable, beyond our mental grasp, but we can sense them. Not everything in human nature is tactile, but can still be significant. In general, many of the high-end audio tweaks, upgrades can create confusion and challenge sense-making.

However. If a high-end audio accessory allows the complexity and variety of music with more ease, it is worth highlighting this positive distinctiveness. 

Ken Ishiguro and Acoustic Review keep releasing trailblaizing high-end audio accessories with the current high-end audio nomenclature that frames the boundless sonic journey, 

Yes, there are myriads of possible paths to mark musical laurels, and Acoustic Review offers a unique potency that provides sonic reproduction with fewer dead ends that can omit one from connecting more deeply with the music. 

It never ceases to amaze me how much information, or bits of information, are still hidden in recordings, and Acoustic Revive RTS-30, RKI-5005, RWL-3 Absolute, and LAN - Quadrant- TC, they all help communicate with the music in their own way, while not putting off-balance the main system taking care of the essential tasks. 
What more and more music lovers and audiophiles understand is that there are always a lot of loopholes in the high-end system armor. Perhaps more than we are willing to comprehend and take advantage of... This certainly opens up the Pandora box, but I've written enough on the subject matter in my previous penmanships. 

Especially in audio and in the context of music, the simple numbers or explanations never seem to reveal the whole story, no matter how deep down the rabbit hole we go. Many things can be measured, but there are still too many parcels that are difficult or impossible to ascertain with numbers and scales. 

Science is an ongoing affair, with fixes being changed as they come due. Despite all the knowledge we have gained so far in our sensory mechanisms and the human supercomputer - the brain, interestingly enough, our senses naturally filter the pleasant and unpleasant effects of high-end audio tweaks. And this is a phenomenon well known to audiophiles, music lovers, and high-end audio aficionados. 

Many claims that certain facts or conditions are too easy to achieve and can act against accurate reproduction. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. So there is something to be said for being right and valuable on both fronts. A rational mind is always welcoming. 

The Acoustic Revive RTS-30, RKI-5005, RWL-3 Absolute, LAN -Quadrant-TC are all the continuation of the success story for the way Ken Ishiguro always manages to tinker with the sonic potency of the positive result and it is with pleasure that I award them with Mono and Stereo Best Of 2021 Award. •

Matej Isak


  • RTS-30: 47000 JPY excluding VAT
  • LAN-QUADRANT-TC: 147 000 JPY excluding VAT
  • RWL-3 absolute: 237 000 JPY excluding VAT
  • RKI-5005: 13000 JPY excluding VAT


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