Bryston 28b³ Amplifier Insights


Bryston writes: "Just finishing up this pair of beautiful Bryston 28b³ Monoblock Amplifiers to end the day. A lot of people have asked how long does it take to build an amplifier such as this? Well here is my answer.....Today I worked 12 hours at Bryston and these two beauty's consumed just about my whole 12 hour day to complete, plus I prepped yesterday to get ready for the two builds today."   

"So roughly 14 hours (7 hours each) to build two Bryston 28b³ Amplifier's start to finish. Tomorrow they will head for testing and then to the Burn-in bench for 100 hours of burn in time to make sure all are working as they should before being shipped out to their new owner. These Bryston 28b³ Amplifiers are definitely my favorite ones to build. Their new owner will enjoy them for years to come..."