Engström Monica MK3 Preamplifier Updates

Boyer Audio writes: "With Engström's beautiful MONICA pre-amplifier recently updated (now the Mk3), designer Timo Engström has also been exploring new paint finishes in addition to the classic black and white looks we've come to know the brand for." 

We couldn't wait to get our hands on a MONICA that was designed just for us. After much discussion with Timo, we settled on a copper ceramic paint finish, a matt yet almost translucent look. We couldn't be any happier with the results. The contrast offered by the two round silver knobs adds a playful edge and draws attention to the deliberate minimalism of the design. At Boyer we like a bit of character, and this bespoke MONICA certainly fits the bill.

All Engström products are individual pieces made to order in a wide variety of paint finishes, and we are delighted to be able to offer a colour consultancy service with every purchase. The Scandinavian sound of the MONICA, LARS, ERIC and ARNE amplifiers is a pure reflection of the music (and Lars Engström's engineering prowess), but why not make the colour and finish a reflection of you and your space?

Finish options & Pricing

  • Powder Coating +1%
  • Ceramic Coating +5% (pictured)
  • High Gloss Paint +10%