New Canor Virtus M1 Amp

Canor Audio Virtus M1 is a brand new vacuum tube power amplifier of pure A-class designed and produced by CANOR. It is considered a reference power amplifier of the CANOR brand.  

The output transformers 

The output permalloy transformers specially designed for the power amplifier. 

High class capacitors 

Only high-quality polypropylene capacitors are used in the signal path. 

The signal path conductors 

The conductors on the signal paths consist of slow drawn oxygen-free copper, which is coated with pure silver. 

The power transformer 

The transformer core is vacuum impregnated, and the entire transformer is encapsulated in a special anti-vibration compound. In addition, the massive, welded cover in which the transformer is located creates effective electromagnetic shielding and contributes significantly to the excellent signal-to-hum distance. The additional capacitor at the input improves the dynamic of the anode voltage filtration. 

High filtration capacity 

The filtration capacity is 3.900tF/550V. A choke, that is placed under welded cover, has been used to eliminate anode voltage ripple, which increases the filtering efficiency of the 100 Hz component of the anode voltage.