New Kalista DreamPlay X and XC

Since the first Kalista creation in the early 200Os, the mother company M├ętronome Technologie developed luxury CD Transports and DACs, lately streamers and a vinyl turntable. 

"In 2021, Kalista comes with a revolutionary new device named DreamPlay X. First SACD player from the Brand, it embeds the latest technologies to become the first 4-in-one in the ultra-high-end market: SACD player, streamer, DAC and digital pre-amplifier. Is it too much, really?"

DreamPlay X

DreamPlay X is a revolutionary product, for Kalista and in the premium audio market. Many Kalista fans have been requesting a SACD Transport or Player for a long time. Here it is, immediately recognizable by its shape, even if there are no parts in common with the other products of the DreamPlay range.

The legendary mix of materials is still there, aluminum for the chassis, stainless steel for the feet, the methacrylate transparency for the top, and a brand new round touch screen…

But DreamPlay X is not a simple SACD Transport, it is also a Streamer and Network Player (up to DSD256), adding in addition a resampling functionality. The integrated version, DreamPlay XC, has a DSD D/A Converter inside and Leedh Processing’s famous digital volume control.

Retail Prices

DreamPlay X : 59,900.00 euros, DreamPlay XC : 68,700.00 euros

Jean Marie Clauzel, Owner and Designer of Kalista, says: “We do not create products like this one every morning, even if the last years have been rich in new product releases (DreamPlay STREAM, the Twenty-Twenty turntable). For me, DreamPlay X is the assertion that Kalista plays in the big leagues, or -better- that we are one of the major leaders in this field. There is no comparable device now on the market.”