New Tidal Audio Intra Power Amplifier

TIDAL-Audio GmbH is proud to announce the TIDAL Intra Power Amplifier. From Jörn Janczak: "The TIDAL Intra is a pretty big deal for us, since we can now offer reference sound in the size and weight of our preamplifier Prisma or the Camira DMC. Or, to say it differently: a TIDAL reference experience in from us unknown outside dimensions." 

"In fact, for the Intra we used for the first time original down-scaled technology from our reference project, the TIDAL for Bugatti ‘Royale’. In order to achieve this, we needed to combine completely diametric challenges, like sound vs. size, sound vs. efficiency etc.. One of the main keys was to analyze and overcome what makes class-D sound not as good as other traditional technologies, and this was a long and tricky process. But since the amplification module of the “Royale” delivered a performance beyond what we thought is possible, we decided to trickle it down to get a scaled down version of it inside the cabinet of our preamp. The result is the TIDAL Intra.”


  • dual-stereo power amplifier with 4 amplification channels for three different modes
  • primary mode: high end stereo, each power supply powers one channel only
  • -2x340Wat8ohm -2x670Wat4ohm
  • two additions modes for special applications, like active or passive bi-amping
  • fully discrete frontend class-A amplifier with class-D output stage
  • 4 x XLR audio input
  • Dimensions: 17.3" W x 5.1" H x 15.3" D / Weight: 27 lbs.

About TIDAL Audio

Established in 1999, by Jörn Janczak, TIDAL-Audio GmbH has but one goal - to build the finest audio systems in the world defined as unique masterpieces with timeless sophisticated design and benchmark performance to reproduce music no less than lifelike. Jörn Janczak leads a flagship team of fellow expert engineers, designers, craftsmen, and production staff to assure every detail, every single part, and every step involved in making a TIDAL masterpiece exists free from the bounds of cost optimization and budgetary limitations. TIDAL masterpieces are known worldwide for meticulous attention to detail, sound quality, and design excellence, culminating 2021 into an exclusive multi-year partnership with Bugatti.

Contact: Jörn Janczak TIDAL Audio GmbH Immendorfer Str.1 50354 Hürth GERMANY Phone: + 49 (2233) 966 9225 Email:

The TIDAL Intra results from the uncompromising implementation of our most basic requirement: pure amplification of the musical signal without adding any sonic color or concealing even the smallest of details. A TIDAL basic since founding the company, it is the successor of our award winning and worldwide praised TIDAL Impulse. The TIDAL Intra is first, and above all, a high-end stereo power amplifier that contains two physically divided stereo modules inside. For the first time we have used a new design out of class-A and class-D technology for an amplifier.  

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