New Veddan Atom Speakers

New Dutch Veddan Atom speaker is the long-awaited successor to the Veddan flagship, the Origin. Like its big brother, Atom is equipped with our Ultra-Fast Membrane (UFM) technology. 

With the Atom speaker, Veddan brings their patented Ultra Fast Membrane (UFM) technology to living room format. This new technology ensures that sound is radiated all around, giving the listen- er a real ‘live feeling’. Two years after the succesfull launch of its flagship the Origin, Veddan has managed to pack their impressive technology into a much more compact format.

To meet the increasing demand for high-quality sound, Veddan has equipped the Atom with no fewer than five drivers. Two 7-inch woofers provide a powerful, deep bass. Veddan uses its own UFM modules for the mid and high tones, which combine the pressure of a dynamic speaker with the transparency and speed of a magnetostat. All this is controlled by a 1050 Watt amplifier per speaker.

The Atom speakers can be connected to any desired source. Just like with the Origin, Veddan has chosen to equip the speakers with WiSA. This wireless alternative offers great ease of use without compromising on quality. This allows users to stream their content and control the volume from any device. Connect the Atoms to your other devices and create your own home cinema with a holographic sound image.


• All-in-one system - The Atom is an active, full-range loudspeaker. So no more external amplifier of
• Sleek design according to your wishes - The Atom has been given a modern design that fits in
almost any interior. In addition to the standard colors white and black, you can optionally choose your
own finishes and colours. Veddan will soon come with a series of stands and wall brackets.
• Your favorite connection - Play al your favorite music services and sources both wired and wireless.
• Incredible (holographic) sound - thanks to Veddan’s patented UFM technology, you as a listener
experience a holographic sound image in which no detail is lost.


  • 22 kg (48.50 lbs)
  • Height: 69 cm (27.17 inch)
  • Diameter: 25.5 cm (10.04 inch)
  • Woofer in an airtight cilinder, Ultra Fast Membrane-technology
  • 28 – 24.000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
  • 150 Hz
  • 105 dB
  • <1.0% at 40 – 150 Hz
  • <0.1% at 150 – 24.000 Hz
  • Modified latest generation class D amplifier for lower hysteresis distortion
  • 1050 Watt per speaker
  • Wired, balanced XLR line input and unbalanced with a special cable or plug.
  • Wireless Sound and Audio (WiSA): 24bit, 96kHz losless digital audio transmission.
The Atom will be available at selected Veddan dealers from early 2022 for €7.995,- per speaker. Check for more information about our speakers and the points of sale.