New YG Acoustics Vantage Live

YG Acoustics Vantage Live is the culmination of many years of research and development by a team spanning three companies (YG Acoustics, Bel Canto and Cambridge Acoustic Sciences) across two continents, all united by a passion to redefine the boundaries of high-end audio. 

Vantage Live is a unique product, a complete system delivering stunning audio quality combined with exceptional convenience and installation flexibility.

It is a product made possible only through cutting-edge acoustics, engineering and electronics, brought together using sophisticated supercomputer models.

An elegant controller linked to a pair of compact floorstanding loudspeakers, Vantage Live delivers accuracy and musicality at the highest level, competing with the very best in multi-component systems.

We started with our multi-award-winning Vantage loudspeakers: our most compact three-way model. These feature our famous ForgeCore tweeter and BilletCore cone drivers in a resonance free, all-aluminum cabinet.

Each aspect of Vantage Live was designed and tuned using complex multi-domain computational modelling, coupled with thousands of hours of critical listening.

The DSP crossover takes account of every nuance of driver and cabinet behavior to deliver superb sound at all volume levels: not just extraordinary measured performance but also an involving, natural sound which is completely unfatiguing. Exceptional phase behavior ensures holographic imaging over a wide sweet spot, with unusual flexibility in speaker placement.

Working with Bel Canto, we developed a special combination of top tier DSP, DAC and amplifier circuits which together provide effortless dynamics, clarity and musicality. Each speaker is tri-amplified with 700 watts per driver from these latest amplifier circuits which are cool and efficient.

The overall result is a level of sound quality that has never been achieved before in an integrated system.

The elegant and compact controller provides all the flexibility that customers will desire. Vantage Live is a Roon end-point; it streams Tidal and Qobuz directly; it plays DSD, MQA, 192k PCM audio.

The controller even has an incredible phono stage, worthy of the very best turntables and cartridges, accepting MM or MC cartridges and allows for adjustable gain and loading. Also included are an array of other inputs including AES/EBU, S/PDIF (BNC), Optical (Toslink), USB-B, USB host, Ethernet and two pairs of RCA analog inputs. RS232 is provided for specialty system control.

This flexible platform supports customers wanting to integrate with a wide variety of external sources, or those who simply wish to stream via Ethernet. A specially-selected high-performance wi-fi dongle is also provided for wireless streaming.

The system is intended to be controlled by a mobile device running Roon, or the free SEEK app which can directly stream Tidal and Qobuz. A high quality metal remote control is also provided.