SAT CF1 - 09 tonearm review is coming!

A few exclusive insights from the assembly and final inspection of the SAT CF1 - 09 tonearm that is coming for a review at Mono and Stereo.  

During our correspondence, Marc Gomez explained his particular fondness for CF1-09 synergy with Lyra Atlas cartridges. I've contacted Stig Bjorge of Lyra and he  kindly provided a test sample, and on the advice of Maier Shadi of The Audio Salon, the cartridge was sent directly to Marc Gomez who is personally inspecting pre-installing the Lyra Atlas on the CF1-09 tonearm.

It's a great way to make sure the combination is working optimally, and having the pickup adjusted down to the smallest detail by the tonearm designer himself (Gomez in particular) was something I wholeheartedly welcomed. A personal highlight of the year!