Teoharov Audio PA3 Preamplifier

Teoharov Audio PA3 preamplifier construction concept. Without exception, as with all of Teoharov Amplifier concepts, the Preamplifier is in dual mono configuration, a modular approach to sectors with different functionality. 

In addition to the usual features such as line and balanced inputs and outputs, Teoharov Preamplifier also offers a headphone output with extremely high performance, phono input in MM or MC configuration, and 2 dual-mono filtered outputs for true Bi-Amplifying, as well as for 2 independent active subwoofers.

All of this is in pure analog topology where all amplifiers including buffers are in Class-A operation mode. The highest fidelity signal transmission and uncompromising isolation between the source and the amplifier are at the highest level possible.