The Road to the Revival of the SHURE Model 44

Effective from December 1st, JICO will begin to release the JICO CUSTOM SHOP J44/N44 series featuring a new type of cantilever.  

The "TYPE S" Cantilever will now be included in production to the styli. This modified upgrade will be as close to the original SHURE M44 cantilever as possible. ("TYPE S" Cantilever information images are attached to this email). 

This release will also be combining the SOLID NUDE Conical Stylus Tip atop of the "TYPE S" Cantilever,  making the J44/N44 the Ultimate replacement for the SHURE M44 series by providing high skip/jump  esistance of the "TYPE S" Cantilever and superior sound quality reproduction from a record by the complete diamond tip of the SOLID NUDE Conical Stylus.

Since 2019, our company has been researching and developing new cartridges and styli as part of the  "The Road to the Revival of the SHURE44 Model" initiative. The J44D and J44A 7 cartridges were introduced  in April 2021 attracting international attention with positive reviews.

As a result of our research, we have developed a "Type S" Cantilever with 3 core key points similar to  SHURE's interchangeable styli. JICO is now ready to begin mass production.


  • Cantilever Curvature
  • The characteristics configuration of the cantilever is the same as that was manufactured by SHURE.
  • Height from the vinyl surface to the base of the cantilever

The height of the cantilever is roughly 0.2mm higher than that of the standard stylus out on the market,  making the new cantilever the same height as the original SHURE product.

Stylus Tip Installation Angle

The angle at which the Stylus Tip contacts the record groove is decreased from the standard 10 ° tilt to 7 ° angle; this modification is the same as the SHURE Stylus Tip and represents the same design. 

TYPE S Cantilever Upgrade Improvements for:

N44G,  N44G IMP,  N44G/DJ,  N44G/DJ IMP,  N44G/DJ IMP two-piece,  

N44G/CLUB, N44G/CLUB IMP,  N44G/CLUB IMP two-piece,  N44G IMP MONO,  

N44-7,  N44-7 IMP, N44-7/DJ,  N44-7/DJ IMP,  N44-7/DJ IMP two-piece,  

N44-7/CLUB,  N44-7/CLUB IMP, N44-7/CLUB IMP two-piece,  J44D IMP,  



JICO Presidential Greeting

We require additional time for research and development before we are able to fully launch our  products. First, we have succeeded in reconstructing the essential elements that are considered to have a major influence on the quality of sound and preventing the needle from jumping while scratching during DJ performances, thus an upgraded model with new adjusted specs will be  released.

In the past, research and development would cost a lot of time and money, and that should be  reflected in the price of a product. However, the price will be maintained with the goal to have as many people to enjoy the JICO brand (even if it is only one person) and the respect to SHURE to continue the legacy.

CEO and President of


Yukihiro Nakagawa