The Zero by Flare Audio!

Interesting and patented technology in practice... Flare Audio Zero is a modular loudspeaker that can be deployed in limitless formations and is available in individual components or as one of our exemplary stereo configurations. 

"By maximising both our Space and Vortex technologies we have eliminated resonance and pressure from the speaker cabinet letting us deliver perfect sound. How? For starters with Zero we have no conventional speaker cabinet. Instead we have two solid aluminium plates clamping our own patented vortex technology which spiral around the driver. These vortices allow complete linear driver movement.

Over 1400 vortices

There are over 1400 vortices in each speaker which equates to exactly the same surface area as each driver. These intricate patented vortices remove rear driver energy and internally reflected interference. Minimum distortion, maximum clarity. This unique arrangement creates the holy grail of the audio world: a true infinite baffle. Thus producing beautifully clean and defined audio with perfect timbre replication and revealing more distinct subtleties in sound than ever before. But what’s more…

100% recyclable speaker enclosure

We use Space technology to clamp layers of recycled paper between solid milled aluminium plates with such force the paper becomes as rigid as concrete reducing distortion and enabling the driver to move freely without interference from an enclosure." 

Technical Specification

  • Made in the UK


Removes rear driver energy and internally reflected interference.
Clamps paper to remove resonances


  • 290.5mm x 190mm
ZP12 & ZP12B
  • 425mm x 190mm
  • 735mm x 365mm



- 15mm thick
- Precision milled aluminium
- Bead blasted for a satin finish


- Made from recycled materials
- Manufacutred in one of the UK's longest serving paper mills

Patent granted

2904816 | 9398356 | 105144743 | 6368769 | 9716940

Patent pending


100% recyclable speaker enclosure