Triangleart RA Ultimate

TriangleArt writes: "After a long break, we have revisited and upgrade our Power Conditioner with new Ground Filtering and still maintain our Passive Technology so no limitation on current and can be used with Power Amplifier." 

To ensure the very best result we are carefully selected Mundroft Supreme Gold/Silver capacitor for filter stage and solid copper with rhodium plated custom made 20 amp outlet.

It’s available both single Power Cord with our Proprietary Filtering Box or with the Improved Power conditioner and come with a beautiful redesigned hefty unit with vibration control tuning, and composite materials that absorb EMI and RFI.

You will immediately notice the large Improvement when you install it with much improved grounding with the Noise Floor virtually non-existing, a totally black background which now allows the details and micro/macro Dynamics to emerge from your system. The soundstage now will appear wider, deeper with more transparency and each music note now with more weight and explosive. 


  • Outlet:             6
  • Voltage:         120-240v / 60-50hz
  • Dimension:   10L x 10D x 8H inches
  • Weight:         65 lbs with crate 85 lbs.