An Audiophile’s Destination

Latest video from The Audio Salon. "The Audio Salon (Santa Monica,CA) have had the honor of supporting this wonderful couple throughout their WAMM ownership over these past 5 years."  

"Our unique approach demanded that we work with their existing system and Alexandria XLF speakers first while focusing on developing a custom acoustical cloud to delicately control some of the reflected energy within the room. We engineered a magnetically adjustable attachment system for the acoustics and trimmed them in fine fabric, bespoke goatskin and hand stitching to compliment the language of the room. None of these details are evident at a casual glance but years later they remain a source of the shared pride between our customers and our team-emblematic of the relationships we are interested in developing. 

Our deepest gratitude to this fine couple for continuing to entrust us with the culmination of their journey as audiophiles."

Maier Shadi