Audio Note IO-XP MC Cartridge

This is Kondo Audio Note Japan 6th MC phono cartridge. It was born from the knowledge and techniques accumulated over the years since the first "IO" in 1979. Audio Note continues to use the alnico magnet for IO-XP. The low magnetic resistance provides a lot of advantages in terms of sound quality. 

Taking into consideration of the assembly style and the magnetizing method, maximum magnetic capacity is obtained. More accurate tracking is also achieved by setting the damping properly. In addition, by devising the body shape and internal structure to control the main body resonance, a natural and grand sound field is reproduced. 


  • Cartridge type: moving coil type (Pure silver wire)
  • Model: IO-XP
  • Output level: 0.12mV(1kHz, 5cm/sec)
  • Channel balance: lower than 1dB(1kHz)
  • Channel separation: over 25dB(1kHz)
  • Internal impedance:
  • Compliance: 6.0×10-6cm/Dyne
  • Stylus pressure: 1.7~2.0g
  • Weight: 12g