New Acoustical Systems Fideles Purist

The new Acoustical Systems Fideles Purist is a cartridge featuring a round / spherical stylus  for the audiophile who wants a “no problem“ cartridge for a collection of  very old records. Providing a “relaxed“ approach yet with detailed and live-like sound, the Purist is easy going on records with scratches and worn groove thanks to its “old school 1960“ spherical stylus shape – which will help a lot enjoying music and good sonics on records which will be hardly listenable played back with modern stylus.

It is quite similar to the virtues of an old Ortofon SPU – just here w/o the need for step-up SUT or heavy vintage tonearm.
It’s spherical stylus makes it a “no-brainer“ for collectors of old vintage records as it allows optimum tracking without the need for any alignment to different SRA / VTA tracking angles!

It is a universal cartridge for every audiophile on a budget who wants nevertheless good sound on most every record – even worn ones – and no problem with gain on the phono stage.It works on literally ANY tonearm with no problems or difficulties meeting a good resonance frequency.

Technical specifications

  • 20-20kHz +/- 2 dB 5.5 mV 10 mm/N 22° spherical 0.6 mil Aluminum 47k to 100k 1.8 to 2.3 grams
  • $1,199.00USD