New Aurorasound EQ -100 Phono

First information and specifications about the brand new Aurorasound EQ -100 adaptive multi-curve phono equalizer.   

This is a variable multi-curve phono equalizer amp that supports the cutting characteristics of all analog records from 78 rpm SP to 331⁄3 rpm monaural LP. The equalizer correction values ​​for low-frequency correction turnover and high-frequency correction roll-off can be adjusted completely independently as shown on the panel, and 100 types can be combined because there is no mutual interference. As typical cutting characteristics, there are four types of 78-rotation SP, pre-war and post-war (EU78 ~ 1945, AM78 ~ 1945, EU78 1945 ~, AM78 1945 ~) ​​after 1945 in the United States and Europe, respectively, and RIAA in LP. 

As a result, it is easy to preset to AES, DECCA, Columbia, NAB. In particular, DECCA, Columbia, and RIAA have individual Bass Limit characteristics to suppress the rise limit of the low frequency range and reproduce correctly.
From SP experts to monaural LP enthusiasts to those who want to listen to his pre-stereo sound, we have developed it as an easy-to-use analog record enthusiast.

For each variable value, each filter circuit was precisely calculated using a computer-based circuit simulator, the actual circuit was confirmed with an Audio Precision measuring instrument, and the capacitor and resistance were switched using a rotary switch. Each switch is designed so that the noise at the time of switching is almost inconspicuous so that it can be operated while listening to the record. In the conventional variable equalizer, he used the volume to change various curves, but he often used it, but in the volume type, it is about due to problems such as the contact quality of the rotating slider and the error between the rotation position and the resistance value. There is no choice but to display the panel. The EQ-100 eliminates all these concerns.

It also features an exterior design and wooden frame that matches vintage equipment, and a foldable tilt stand for easy viewing and operation of the front panel.

There will be new discoveries with this unit, such as musical expressions that have been buried or hidden until now, and the intentions of the performers.


  • Input MC, Gain 63dB
  • Corresponding cartridge internal resistance value 5Ω ~ 200Ω MM, VR-1, VR-2, Gain 40dB, Maximum input level 100mV
  • MM Cartridge Load Impedance 47kΩ VR-1: Variable Reluctance Type, Load Impedance 15kΩ VR-2: Variable Reluctance Type, Load Impedance 10k
  • Output RCA, rated 2Vrms, maximum 10Vrms, output impedance 47Ω All inputs and outputs are 2 each but are internally connected in monaural.
  • Turnover characteristics 10 Position independent variable
  • Flat, 200Hz, 250Hz, 300Hz, 350Hz, 400Hz, 500Hz / 12dB, 500Hz / 16dB, 500Hz / 20dB, 800Hz
  • Roll-off characteristics 10 Position independent variable
  • Flat, -2dB, -4dB, -6dB, -8dB, -10.5dB, -12dB, -13.7dB, -16dB, -18dB at 10kHz
  • Each filter deviation +/- 0.5dB
  • Frequency characteristics 10Hz ~ 30kHz -3dB, Flat position
  • THD + N MM 0.01% @ 1kHz A-wt, MC 0.026% @ 1kHz A-wt Input conversion noise -138dBV Input short at MC
  • Various functions Large MUTE switch
  • Variable / RIAA switching SW 
  • Power supply voltage Power supply built-in, 100V 50 / 60Hz, power consumption 20W
  • Size W260mm x D250mm x H100mm Approx. 2.7kg