New Lowther Loudspeakers Audiovector

The new Lowther Loudspeakers Limited Edition monophonic Audiovector speakers. Handmade to order. Stereo also available obviously. This is the latest evolution of the original Lowther AudioVector and represents Lowther's first step back in to cabinet making since the 1980's. 

"This limited edition speaker is rare in the world and we don't intend on making many more of them. Loaded with two Lowther divers and with it's signature top dispersal horn, the AudioVector is designed for large rooms and those who enjoy a big scale of sound. The AudioVector is handmade to order in Great Britain and available as a monophonic or a stereo pair.

The Limited Edition AudioVector

The Audiovector has appeared in many variants over the years, originally for monophonic reproduction - later with the addition of a front driver to augment the top dispersal horn as the 'Auditorium'.

This is our 2019 model which was developed & improved for stereophonic reproduction. Our master craftsman carefully examined the original 1970's drawings and we documented the process on our blog. Originally intended as an experiment we gathered so much positive interest that we decided to start developing a whole new range of cabinets.

This is a speaker to fill a large room; the dual driver and reflector variants make the stereo pair capable of 'big scale' sound and very adaptable to differing room acoustics. It is very hard to describe comparisons with speakers in this class (such as the TP2) and we find this is very much a model for the specialist audiophile.

Our prototypes sold very quickly and with a great reception. The process of manufacturing these magnificent speakers is incredibly intensive and time consuming. This is why we have made these our very first limited edition speakers. Complete with a authenticity certificate and serial plate, these speakers will one day be collectors items and we hope will be treasured by both the original purchasers and those that inherit them.

The Limited Edition AudioVectors can be ordered as both monophonic single units or as a pair of stereophonic units.

The outside dimensions

  • Height: 950cm (1380cm with top reflector)
  • Width: 685cm
  • Depth: 600cm