Sonner Audio Legato Duo

A customized woofer is built for Sonner Audio Legato Duo to supplement low frequencies/bass produced by mid-woofer. Both woofer and mid-woofer deliver low frequencies/bass is similar to the sound produced by a single 8-inch woofer. 

The objective of using medium size drivers is to produce high-resolution sound and fast transient response. Sonner maintains a similar size of mid-woofer and woofer for a seamless frequency integration and to optimize the sound dispersion. As a result, Legato Duo produces a coherent and musical sound similar to the performance of a stand-mount speaker with fuller lower-end frequencies. 

On the photo Sonner Legato Duo floor-standing powered by Luxman C-700u Preamp and M-700u Power amplifier at Sonner’s New York Dealer – Adirondack/Hifi Loft.