Sven Boenicke - BOENICKE audio

BOENICKE audio writes: "Sven Boenicke perhaps has spent more time in concert halls recording live music than most other loudspeaker manufacturers. Wherever he goes, the tone of real instruments is with him. In his memory, in his body and in his products."  

5 things you need to know about our BOENICKE audio founder

1. Sven started to make his own recordings in the early nineties. With the help of one or two splendid minds, he managed to create and build something we would call the most radical, perhaps bestsounding 8-channel recording chain in the world. Over the last 20 years, Sven has recorded in close to 300 concert venues, many of them with live audiences. Each recording was made in concert halls, churches and other real buildings. Instead of being stuck in a recording studio’s control room, Sven was always present in the acoustic field of the original performance beginning to end.

Technicians who deem their memory of the control room sound their reference will always have a problem when judging the absolute sound quality in the field. They never were in the field in the first place. They always only listened through their headphones or monitor speakers locked into a control room.

2. Like synaesthesia, Sven can photographically remember sound. He can see its harmonic texture as colour. By storing that colour in his memory, he can vividly recall his experience in the acoustic sound field of incredible live performances even months later. Each BOENICKE speaker in its development stage is fine-tuned with his own recordings. The same holds true for our electronics, cables and power distribution solutions.

3. Sven uses his recall of the concert hall reality as the only valid reference to ensure the tuning and sonic balance of all BOENICKE products. From time to time we demonstrate this process to interested parties. In 2010 during a Vienna show exhibit for example, we performed live music and played back the recording over our system immediately afterwards.

4. Sven is our founder and head and owner of BOENICKE audio. He performs the acoustic design of everything we sell. That’s what brings it all to life with one coherent voice and vision. 6 All products carrying his name bear his uncompromised handwriting which we consider key to create a truly outstanding product and playback experience. Sven makes all final decisions. It’s never the case that opposing interests from different departments within the company undermine the vision, unity and final quality of any product. The finance department for example will never forbid the use of superb but costly tuning parts or enclosures milled from solid wood.

5. Big news: Sven will develop a new pair of speakers - not for BOENICKE audio, but for another producer.