Wires 4 Music Osiris MK2 Cables

Wires 4 Music, a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of hi-end audio cables, recently announced the renewal of its OSIRIS range, which will be renamed OSIRIS MK2.

Manufactured in a completely handmade way, Wires 4 Music spares no effort and uses noble metals of the highest quality such as copper, silver, and ultra-pure gold obtained by the OCC method. For the connectors, they opt for the products of the Japanese firm Furutech, while incorporating connectors manufactured especially for them under the highest quality standards. The American company Techflex is responsible for the exterior finish. 

Each cable is entirely handmade from silver wires and a special alloy of silver and gold of 6N quality (obtained by the most modern OCC techniques), using different diameters that are sheathed in what has been proved to be the best dielectric materials, such as cotton and Teflon. Finally, each connection is sealed to avoid undesired corrosion.

But the process does not end there. Before being shipped to the customer, each cable is individually checked to ensure that its quality standards are met. In the words of Lorenzo Sánchez and Manuel Bertoa, W4M founders, "this is the only way to guarantee the customer that each cable that leaves our facilities does so in compliance with the maximum guarantees and that it will meet their needs 100%. We prioritize quality over quantity, and we are convinced that this can only be achieved based on two premises: that the product is hand-made from the best raw material and that the process is fully monitored. For us it is not a question of manufacturing just another cable, it is the enthusiasm of a fan that is at stake when he trusts us, that is why we try to put all our heart into what we do".


The new OSIRIS series cables continue the path of their predecessors, increasing the musicality and naturalness of the recorded signal. With this in mind, advances and improvements have been made in the dielectric materials used, as well as in the geometry and effective surface of the conductors, increasing it in some cases up to 50%. Finally, polished steel rings are added, laser engraved one by one and with individual serial numbers. As a result, each cable is transformed into a small jewel to be enjoyed every day. 

Before launching this new proposal to the market, several prototypes were made and subjected to hundreds of hours of personal listening, because in the end the ear is the best possible tool and cannot be replaced by any machine. 

"We believe that the result has been worth it, as we have managed to obtain a very human and real sound, full of details and textures. When we finally decide that a cable is going to see the light, it is because we are fully convinced that every fan is going to feel the music in its maximum expression," they conclude.