Analogue Productions Ultra Tape!

After a long wait, my copy of Analog Productions Muddy Waters - Folk Singer (Ultra Tape) 1/4 Inch - 15 IPS Tape finally arrived today. Mamma Mia! I'll write in more detail in upcoming reviews in due course, but there is something fundamentally right about the sonic scope and raw music that comes through this format. The lack of a mechanical imprint, which even the best digital is not free of, and the dynamic freedom is simply the charts. 

The packaging, the quality of the printing, and the overall experience of this format scream quality at every turn. Extremely impressive! You can call me a convert! 

Analog Productions Ultra Tapes opens up a new realm for analog. Yes, these tapes are far from cheap, but in fact, some of the original vinyl pressings are even more expensive. 

Metaxa's TR -X is showing its strengths more and more and my reference tape material is slowly getting bigger. Exciting times to say the least.