Haandrikman Audio Systems Sygnus X-1

As a newly established Dutch company, Haandrikman Audio Systems proudly presents the Sygnus X-1. This power processor and distribution unit will breathe new life into your high-end audio system by providing a clean power supply and a clean earth for the audio components. Both the noise from the mains and the noise caused by the individual audio components are reduced, resulting in a significant improvement in the sound quality of your audio system. 

Do you think you have no problem with pollution of the mains or earth? You probably have, but it's not until you've solved the problem that you'll hear what you've missed!

Effects of noise on mains and earth

Noise on the mains can seriously degrade the sound quality of an audio system. This almost never manifests itself in obvious ways, such as hum or other audible noise, but rather hides itself in the background. This results, for example, in haze, too much sharpness, limitation of dynamics, loss of musical details or reduction of spatiality. Usually, it is a combination of these unwanted effects.

Sygnus X-1 key features

The Sygnus X-1 effectively tackles mains pollution by reducing both common mode and differential mode noise. Four key components are responsible for these improvements:
Galvanic isolation: 
the system provides galvanically isolated power outputs, which means that the 230VAC outputs are isolated from the mains. This eliminates most of the common mode noise, which is the key for creating a stable earth as a reference of your audio system.

Balanced power outputs

The outputs contains two phases of 115VAC each, with respect to earth. This ensures that the differential mode noise is balanced with respect to earth. As a result, the differential mode noise will drain less current to the earth, which results is a cleaner earth for your audio system.

Dedicated audio earth

For further improvement, the Sygnus X-1 offers the option to disconnect from the protective earth provided by the wall outlet. This way a dedicated audio earth can be created to optimize the stability of the earth and power of the audio system.

​Input and output filters

Filters are applied to both the input and output to fine-tune the system to your liking. These filters can be set when the system is turned on, providing the unique ability to instantly hear the effect of a change in filter settings.