Peak Consult Speakers Insights

Peak Consult writes: "Exactly one year ago entered a new era with experienced people joining the company and after 9 months of intense development the new Peak launched officially together with a new line of speakers." 

"Since official launch Nov. 1st, 2021 we are blessed with an immense interest in our high-end brand, and we welcome distributors in Hong Kong, China, India, Russia, Great Britain, Hungary, and Greece. Hopefully we will all meet at High-End Munich 2022 together with many of you PEAK friends.

So what has happened over the past year? All imaginable technology used to upgrade and develop drivers, X-overs, and components. 3D laser simulations in all possible areas and numerous experienced ears listening. But most important, 50 years’ experience working with wood and doing it all the right way. Meet our master carpenter."