Audio-Technica AT-ART20 MC Cartridge

On April 15th Audio-Technica will release an iron core type MC cartridge that allows you to experience a new world of sound from the Audio-Technica cartridge "ART" series. 

Making full use of our cartridge technology and know-how cultivated over many years, we have pursued a better acoustic sound and realized the expressive power of the vivid performance that the air-core type is good at, even with the iron core type. While valuing each note, the connection of sounds is smooth, and you can experience the overwhelming expressive power that draws the emotion and space to the breathing of the performer and the appearance of the instrument echoing in the hall.

● Carefully and accurately information on all sounds

We have newly developed a high-quality sound terminal pin with the thickness of the gold-plated part increased to about 30 times that of our conventional product to reduce contact resistance and enhance sound quality. In addition, "aluminum" is used for the base, "titanium" is used for the housing, and "elastomer" is used for the undercover. Resonance is suppressed by combining different materials.

● Improved power generation efficiency with a newly designed magnetic circuit

Based on the magnetic circuit of "AT-ART9XI", the magnetic flux density is improved by thickening the front yoke by 0.6mm. By increasing the power generation efficiency, a more realistic sound quality is realized.

● Utilizing the world-class technological capabilities of Fukui Prefecture

Utilizing the advanced cutting technology and polishing technology cultivated in the eyeglass industry in Sabae City, we have embodied an organic design that has never been seen before in cartridges. In addition, titanium can be made thinner, making it significantly lighter. By installing titanium material at key points, the overall sound is calm.

● Improved high-frequency characteristics and strengthened cantilever

Titanium is used for the chip reinforcement plate that fixes the diamond chip. The weight is reduced and the high-frequency characteristic is improved. In addition, a solid special line contact needle that faithfully reads the sound groove and enhances the sense of sound separation is used. In addition, a stepped pipe structure that gradually thickens toward the fulcrum from the tip of the boron cantilever to the coil is also adopted. It improves the strength of the cantilever and suppresses unnecessary vibration.