BOENICKE audio writes: "Solid wood: Every speaker cabinet is carefully formed as two individual clam-shell halves whose interiors are routed out by precision CNC cutters before being joined to create the final structure. Regardless of model or cost, the cabinet concept remains unchanged." 

We do not believe in simplifying our complex cabinets as our range becomes more affordable. Instead, we work to the principle that a range of speakers must share the very same foundation and follow the very same vision.

Wherever possible, the drive units are shared across models and all our speakers feature:

A unique electromechanical 8 cm parallel spiral resonator, orientation-optimised stranded Litz hookup wiring wrapped in silk,WBT NextGen binding posts and an ambient rear tweeter. Perhaps the W models’ greatest achievement is their ability to go beyond the usual hifi trickery and draw you deep into your music, connecting you emotionally to truly feel It all.