Booster Isolation Pads By Audio Engineers

Audio Engineers Booster isolation pads try to attract attention with their premium material and unique design, and special particle damping technology ensures proper isolation, making them extremely efficient for isolating audio components. 

There are two models in the Booster series, the Booster Kinetic and the Booster Fluidum. The two models have the same design, however, Kinetic is only available in "soft black" and Fluidum is only available in "camel". However, the two models differ not only in color but also in technology.

Booster Kinetic contains precisely sized, pure silicon dioxide particles that dissipate the kinetic energy of the vibrations into heat. Booster Kinetic provides non-elastic damping, making it more effective isolation than dampers made of elastomeric materials, as absorbed vibrations are not able to be reflected.

Booster Fluidum also uses particle damping technology, but the pure silicon dioxide particles inside are smaller and coated with a special polymer. The special feature of the technology is that due to the smaller particle size and the special polymer coating, Booster Fluidum behaves similarly to non-Newtonian liquids. Its hardness varies depending on the strength of the vibrations, so it is capable of adaptive vibration damping.

Both models received a special, laser-cut and labeled leather-effect cover. Each Booster model is made by hand and they are sewn with polyamide thread, which is also used in parachuting.

Booster models have a load capacity of 10 kg per piece, so the use of a set of 3 pieces is a maximum of 30 kg, and a set of 4 is recommended for devices up to 40kg.

The manufacturer recommends the use of Booster isolation pads primarily for source devices, amplifiers, media servers, center and bookshelf speakers, projectors, and small and medium-sized active subwoofers.

Booster Kinetic and Booster Fluidum isolation pads are available in Europe from 99 € to 159 €.