ERC Bill Evans Trio

In today's playback menu the The Electric Recording Company Bill Evans Trio Portrait In Jazz (ERC052S) limited edition stereo LP. A beautifully presented, packaged, and pressed record that is convincing in all respects. 

I immensely enjoy the low-noise reproduction and the holographic, in-depth rendition of this classic masterpiece that is always referenced for evaluations purposes. The subtle yet forte cymbals are rendered very tangibly and the middle ground occupied by the rich, tactile piano and the subtle yet very present double bass creates a highly involving and horizontally and vertically expanded holographic presentation. A truly beautiful experience. 

Nagaoka inner sleeves, hand-printed artwork, premium packaging, quiet quality pressing, the long inner needle ring that gives the needle enough room to slowly dip into the grooves and not immediately accelerate with the drop of the needle. 

A most unique musical experience.