Fonolab Kondo MC Step-Up

Fonolab Lounge - Contemporary Analog Audio writes: "As part of the fonolab Laboratory Series, every month we will create an original design MC Step-Up Transformer. March transformer becomes a step-up transformer based on Mr. Kondo's legendary silver transformers."  

"Our colleagues found for us in Japan two original Audio Note Kondo vintage step-up transformers installed in a custom case with original Audio Note output cables. We measured the transformers and found that they match the S9 model. 

We created a new original case for them with copper screens, installed vintage silver Audio Note input connectors. The retained original silver cables are equipped with modern connectors of the Audio Note model. We are pleased to know that we are preserving the legendary legacy of Mr. Kondo. We tried to preserve his ideas as much as possible, used only silver solder when soldering, installed silver-plated strip turret board and RCA connectors."