German Physiks Emperor Mk II

A new set of German Physiks Emperor Mk II loudspeakers is shown here in the factory being prepared for initial listening and measurement.  

Still to be fitted are the DDD driver arrays, standing in the foreground, the woofer and sub-woofer cabinet trim panels and the top plates. 

The DDD drivers cover the frequency range from 180Hz to 24kHz, so the crossover point in the mid-range that conventional loudspeakers must have is avoided, as is any discontinuity a crossover point here causes. The woofer section – with the four 6-inch drivers - covers 80Hz to 180Hz and the sub-woofer section takes the response down to 18Hz. 

Each Emperor is driven by three power amplifiers.  These are fed by a digital active crossover which is supplied with the loudspeaker – the Emperor DSP-X.