German Physiks Emperor Mk II

A new set of German Physiks Emperor Mk II loudspeakers is shown here in the factory ready for initial listening and measurements at the factory. 

The DDD driver arrays have now been fitted to their motorised beams. The listener can move them individually back and forth from the listening seat using a remote control.  As the Emperor’s DDD drivers cover 180Hz to 24kHz, moving them is essentially the same as moving the whole loudspeaker – which weighs over 400kg - but much easier and quicker.  This simplifies the set-up process.

After a prolonged run, they will be listened to and measured again. If all is well, they will be packed and shipped off to the new owner. 

Each Emperor is driven by three power amplifiers.  In this case three German Physiks Emperor stereo power amplifiers are being used as they are part of the order.  These are driven by a German Physiks Emperor DSP-X digital crossover.