Kharma Omega-F driver

This Kharma Enigma Veyron EV5-D is equipped with the in-house developed Kharma Omega-F driver. Which was, during the introduction of the Enigma Veyron Collection in 2015 a novelty to the world of high-end audio.  

"The Kharma Omega- F drivers are an unique approach to eliminate distortion, normally caused and present in the widely used iron-based magnet motor systems. Kharma has achieved this by eliminating the iron out of the magnet motor system. With a patented smart clustering of neodymium magnets, a static magnet field has been realized that does not need any focussing by iron. Normally the use of iron induces Eddy currents in the voice coil. By completely eliminating these Eddy currents, the drivers act faster, with less distortion and with vastly increased resolution and detail. These sonic benefits are throughout the whole bandwidth of the driver. As a result: better transients, less coloration and more refined complex sound structures."