LUXMAN’s LMC-5 Cartridge

LUXMAN’s LMC-5 marks the return of moving coil phono cartridge production after a 40 year hiatus! This latest effort boasts a cross-mounted iron core, with unique signal generating coil structures, allied to an efficient compact magnetic system.  

Record groove contact is achieved via a SHIBATA profile stylus mounted to an aluminum pipe cantilever enabling excellent tracing ability with low background noise. In addition, the unique and sonically advantageous housing structure was achieved through research, repeated prototyping and attentive fine tuning. We have developed the LMC-5 with confidence and appreciation for all who love vinyl playback and value its musicality.

Stylus and power generation engine

LUXMAN has consistently designed components for vinyl playback such as our PD series analog players and our E/EQ phono equalizer amplifier series. After a development period of 2 years, the LMC-5 is LUXMAN’s first original cartridge in 40 years. For the stylus, in order to read the musical information pressed on the record accurately and reliably, we selected a combination of an aluminum cantilever with high tracing ability and a SHIBATA stylus to pick up a large amount of information with less audible noise. In order to secure the fulcrum of the vibration system, a low distortion structure has been realized by using the one-point “piano wire” support method. The MC type power generation engine uses a cross mounted iron core with the coils for the left and right channels wound symmetrically. Adopting a magnetic structure with a small field area reduces the intrusion of external noise. We have achieved significant size and weight reductions.

Body structure and design

From our experiences with closed body designs, the coil and cantilever can act like a microphone, picking up the reflected sound, therefore reducing the enclosure results in less sound coloration. In order to prioritize weight reduction and resonance countermeasures, the housing is crafted down to a minimal design which still firmly supports the power generation engine. The minimized outer chassis has an inverted egg-shaped curve that suppresses unnecessary reflected sound and vibrations. The machined aluminum body is anodized to a deep red, which is LUXMAN’s corporate color, and with the L mark logo laser-etched on the front, it subtly asserts LUXMAN’s identity. Each one is carefully assembled by our team of craftspeople, the best in Japanese cartridge manufacture, and delivered to music lovers, worldwide.

This unit has a fixed stylus tip. If you wish to replace it due to wear on the stylus tip over time, please consult with the store where you purchased it or contact your local LUXMAN distributor.