N&E Audio Haydn Music Server

A batch of the N&E Audio Haydn Music Server is in the works... 

Key highlights 

  • Top-quality 6061 solid Aluminum to CNC chassis to reduce mechanical vibration and better EMI isolation.
  • Discrete Circuit Low noise Linear Supply with 150W Toroidal Transformers,
  • Bybee Quantum Purifier is the Spirit of power supply,
  • it operates on the quantum mechanical level to regulate the flow of electrons that make up the signal.
  • The current flow within the Quantum Purifier is unimpeded and ideal.
  • During transit through the Quantum Purifier, quantum noise energy is stripped off the electrons,
  • streamlining their flow through ensuing conductors.
  • Unwanted quantum noise energy dissipates as heat within the Quantum Purifier rather than emerging as a layer of contamination.
  • Fanless cooling system no mechanical vibration completely silent.
  • Intel processing unit for quality upsamples to DSD512.
  • 8G DDR4 RAM
  • Intel I5 CPU
  • Build-in Top-quality CD rip function with ultra-low vibration.
  • Audio grade quality UPOCC internal cable, for pure power connection.
  • Audio ground connection design for connecting any Ground enhancement items for performance upgrade.
  • 1T works with SSD memory for the best performance
  • Support external USB storage devices or network NAS.
  • support DoP (DSD over PCM)
  • support the loss-free streaming service TIDAL, Qobuz
  • Roon music player (ready)
  • Support Roon Bridge to combine 2 sets Bach music servers for Extremely listening performance
  • Painless remote customer service 2yr
  • Size L265 x D273 xH96