New Exposure VXN Phono

British hi-fi brand Exposure Electronics is delighted to announce the release of its new top-of-range VXN phono amplifier. Created with the serious vinyl enthusiast in mind, this new phono amplifier is designed to be partnered with Exposure’s VXN Power Supply, forming a two-box set-up in which the sensitive phono circuits are entirely isolated from the power supply circuitry for the lowest possible noise and highest possible performance. For the absolute maximum experience, two VXN power supplies can be used, one for each channel, in a three-box dual mono configuration. 

Fully adjustable input stages can be finely tailored for either MM or MC cartridges, ensuring that the cartridge loading and gain are optimally set to faithfully retrieve the finest details and deliver the involving musical reality for which Exposure have become renowned.
Key features of the VXN phono amplifier include:

  • • All audio circuits use discrete transistors only; no integrated circuits in the signal path.
  • • Very low noise power supply with multiple stages of regulation.
  • • High quality resistors and capacitors throughout the signal path.
  • • Very high quality polypropylene capacitors in critical areas of the RIAA equalisation.
  • • Separate MM and MC inputs selectable on the front panel.
  • • Adjustable loading & gain switches on the back panel.
  • • High quality all aluminium casework and extruded front panel, to control resonance and stray
  • electromagnetic fields.
  • • Three year guarantee.
  • • Available in black only.

Technical specifications

For use with VXN Power Supply only
Nominal output
  • 500mV (depends on gain setting)
Maximum output
  • 7.8V @ 1kHz
Output impedance
  • 50 Ohms
THD @ 1 kHz, ref 500mV output
  • <0.005%
Frequency response
  • 30Hz - 20kHz within +/- 0.25dB ref 1kHz with low frequency roll off below 30Hz
  • MM input: 5mV input for 500mV output, 40dB gain setting MC input: 500uV input for 500mV output, 60dB gain setting
Signal to noise ratio ref 1kHz & 500mV out (A weighted)
  • MM input: >82dB MC input: >72dB
Power consumption
  • <10W
  • 218mm (w) x 348mm (d) x 89mm (h)
  • Gross 3kg / Net 2kg
Pricing & availability
  • The Exposure VXN phono amplifier is available now, priced at £1,790 (incl. VAT):