New NVA M600 Amplifiers

Handmade in Great Britain, designed to be used with NVA passive pre-amplifiers. The M600 outperforms 'high end' amplifiers at many times the price. This exceptional value is achieved through our minimalist design ethos and modern distribution model.  

The M600 adds a second set of Toroidy transformer and Vishay capacitors per monoblock to give dedicated power supplies for both the input and output stages. This gives even greater transparency and dynamic ease, especially when driving more demanding speakers.

For operational stability this amplifier must only be used with NVA low capacitance speaker cable. Use of other makes of speaker cable will invalidate our warranty. For optimum sound quality, we recommend use of our low capacitance interconnect cables. 

  • Priced per pair £2,500
  • Bespoke all-acrylic case with anodised aluminium heatsink
  • New! Toroidy Audio Grade transformers
  • New! Vishay capacitors
  • Inputs - One line level per channel
  • Outputs - 4mm speaker sockets per channel
  • Power Output - 80w
  • Power Supply - 2 x 150va per monoblock
  • Dedicated separate power supplies for input and output stages
  • Dimensions - w240mm x h160mm x d240mm