New Paltauf Audio KHV-ESD II

Paltauf Audio new KHV ESD II headphone amplifier is now available. "This amplifier offers the possibility to use either electrostatic or electrodynamic headphones in best quality. A transformer in the output of the unit converts the high signal voltage into a powerful output signal that can drive even demanding electrodynamic headphones with ease." 

This device combines the strengths and virtues of all our amplifiers: naturalness, dynamics, colorful, multi-layered tones and an effortless playback of the most complex music signals. 

Signal voltage amplification with tubes

  • Responsible for a natural, lively sound image due to high output capability with very low distortion

Push-pull output stage

  • With EL84 power tubes, matched in a quartet, switched as a triode

Power supply

  • Complex power supply with voltage stabilization for each amplifier stage

Optional : Extners tube power supply available


  • High quality of all components, e.g. 1% and 0.1% precision resistors, top-quality film capacitors in the signal path, 105° electrolytic capacitors with long service life in the power supply, circuit boards with optimized conductor path.


For electrostatic headphones

  • Max. Output voltage 900 Vpp

For electrodynamic headphones

  • Max. Output voltage 36 Vpp

High output:

  • 15 Ohm       5,6 W
  • 120 Ohm    1,5W
  • 600 Ohm   0,3W

Low output:

  • 15 Ohm   1,2W
  • 32 Ohm   0,6W

Frequency response: 

  • 20Hz (-0,45db ) to 85.000Hz (-1db)


  • inputs:
  • 2x Stereo high level inputs Cinch
  • 1x Stereo high level input XLR balanced


  • 1x output 5 pole, per bias
  • 1x output 6 pole Normal Bias
  • 1 x output 4 pin XLR with low output voltage
  • 1 x output jack 6.35 mm with low output voltage
  • 1 x output 4 pin XLR with high output voltage
  • 1 x output jack 6.35 mm with high output voltage
  • 1 x stereo preamplifier output Cinch adjustable


  • depth: 34 cm
  • width: 38 cm
  • height: 14 cm