New Wattson Audio Madison DAC

Wattson Audio is proud to announce the official release of its second audio product, the Madison ultra-compact streaming DAC.  

"For our new Madison streamer, we have put all our know-how into action to seek the intensity of the analog restitution and to find the emotion of the musical message beyond technical considerations.
In use, the Madison must transmit the pleasure of listening to very high fidelity, with optimal ergonomics."
Alexandre Lavanchy, Wattson Audio CEO

However, this achievement and apparent simplicity requires the implementation of sophisticated concepts. Digital audio technology has many advantages, but it also has its demons and mysteries, sometimes associated with a certain harshness, coldness of the reproduction or auditory fatigue.

By dint of experimentation, reflection and synthesis, we have paid scrupulous attention to and optimized all the key elements of the digital data playback and conversion process. This perfectionist approach brings an obvious fluidity to the listening of the Madison, and its "analog" character.

About Madison

Minimalist design, advanced engineering and Swiss made quality are part of the Wattson Audio DNA. From these values is born the Madison, our new ultra-compact DAC streamer with superlative audio performance.

Entirely made in Switzerland, the Madison required many months of development and adjustments, spiced up by a shortage of electronic components and raw materials.

In addition to integrating our proprietary streaming interface, which is renowned in the audiophile world, the Madison is a concentrate of technology incorporating a dual mono DAC, digital inputs, LEEDH Processing lossless digital volume control and a headphone output.

Its ergonomics are as simple as they are functional, allowing you to access all the features using either the Wattson Music app or to control it with the multi-functions button on the front panel.

Easily integrated into your audiophile system with its RCA and XLR outputs, the Madison performs wonderfully with a pair of active speakers.

Recommended retail price TTC 3199 Euros. Available for sale now.

About Wattson Audio

Wattson Audio was born in 2020 from the passion and experience acquired during nearly 20 years by the company Engineered SA in the service of many High-End audio brands.

Combining high technology and audiophile tradition, in a purist and pragmatic way, Wattson Audio offers a range of high-performance products with a strong character. This innovative approach opens a new way in music reproduction.

Wattson Audio's products are imagined, meticulously designed and assembled in Yverdon-les-Bains in the heart of the Swiss Romandie. In tune with its time, the company relies on a network of close partners to limit its ecological impact and dynamically encourage the local economy.