SoundSpace Systems Speakers

Three birds on the wire. SoundSpace Systems Aidoni, Pirol, and Robin speakers all in a row.  

Aidoni integrates the best available technologies and advancements in speaker design from the past 60 years. It creates a sound that is natural and completely transparent, a wide, deep sound stage that is exhilarating.

Pirol is small enough to suit almost every listening environment and big enough to support the real bass experience. Agility is its biggest strength. Dynamics - macro and micro - are Pirols best friends. A large size AMT is embedded in a perfectly matched resonating space and paired with an ultra fast and precise cross over. At 97 dB/w/m it is highly efficient and an ideal pairing for almost any amp. A single ended 300 B works nicely with Pirol.

Robin impresses with its high resolution, exceptional micro- and macrodynamics, and captivating tonal balance. Other outstanding features are its clean impulse reproduction, extreme level stability and powerful sound reproduction down to below 30 Hertz. High efficiency is guaranteed with all SoundSpace Systems loudspeakers. Robin is a partially active 8 ohm speaker with 96 dB/W/m efficiency at an impedance minimum of 6.4 ohms. All crossovers are first order and designed without any impedance correction, so it makes it easy for any amplifier to go along with Robin.