Audiophile Visit!

A 50+ photo series by Adi Lance of Lab.003 audiophile visit with a system featuring Avalon Acoustics speakers, dCS Vivaldi system, Gryphon Audio Pandora preamplifier and Mephisto power amplifier, SMT acoustic panels, etc. 


  • Roon Nucleus+
  • Aurender W20
  • dCS Vivaldi Transport
  • Antelope 10M Rubidium Clock
  • dCS Vivaldi Clock 
  • dCS Vivaldi Upsampler
  • dCS Vivaldi DA Converter
  • SOtM s-NH-10G-sCLK-EX network switch
  • Gryphon Pandora Pre-Amp
  • Gryphon Mephisto Power Amp
  • Avalon Isis 
  • StromTank S5000HP
  • StromTank S1000 
  • Ferrum Audio Hypsos linear/switching hybrid power system
  • StillPoints Ultra 5, Ultra 6 
  • Inakustic LS-4004 Reference Air Pure Silver
  • Crystal Connect Ultimate Dream, 
  • Siltect Triple Crown, 
  • Acapella Reference,
  • Dynamique Magellan
  • Crystal Connect Ultimate Dream
  • Burmaster XLR Silver 
  • RJ45: Telegartner, SOtM
  • BNC: SOtM
  • AES: Transparent Reference