Børresen Acoustics 05 Silver Supreme

Børresen Acoustics Børresen 05 Silver Supreme Edition loudspeakers in a new white finish.  

Børresen loudspeakers. By replacing the copper pole rings by in-house manufactured, hand-crafted silver rings the inductance is reduced substantially. Additionally, all metal components, are subjected to a cryogenic treatment. These loudspeakers set a new and unsurpassed benchmark. Clarity, refinement and sound staging at its very best.


Frequency response

  • 25Hz – 50KHz


  • 90 dB / 1W


  • > 4 ohms

Recommended Amplifier

  • > 50W

1 x Tweeter

  • Børresen planar ribbon tweeter

2 x Driver

  • Børresen iron free bass/midrange driver: 4.5 inches

4 x Driver

  • BØRRESEN iron free bass/midrange driver – 8 inches