ECLIPSE's TD712zMK2 Bows Out

ECLIPSE has said goodbye to a much-loved and critically acclaimed flagship loudspeaker, the TD712zMK2. Its ‘early retirement’ comes sooner than expected due to delays in introducing its replacement, caused by COVID-19-related slowdowns and schedule disruptions. The Kobe factory is actively working on an exciting new flagship that incorporates new ideas into its design. 

The TD712zMK2 truly showcased the Japanese company’s unique ‘accurate waveform reproduction’ approach to speaker design, plus several of ECLIPSE’s proprietary technologies. Originally launched 18 years ago in 2004, as the largest model in the range, the TD712z benefitted from a 12 cm full-range drive unit for unrivalled mid-band accuracy, a heavily engineered dedicated stand, plus many unique and unseen features inside its iconic ovoid outer shell.

The MK2 version emerged later in 2009, its remit to extend the frontiers of performance achieved with the original, with a wider frequency response, improved off-axis response and improved power handling. ECLIPSE undertook a fundamental review of all elements and functions to produce a single-driver speaker with a remarkable 35 Hz-26 kHz response.

Aimed at both music and movie lovers, the TD712zMK2 was available in regular and short stand variants, the latter for use as a centre channel. The speaker found a place in many homes and systems around the world, including that of Grammy Award-winning recording engineer and producer Jim Anderson, who also uses them for home listening.

The TD712zMK2’s discontinuation effectively ushers in ECLIPSE’s award-winning TD510zMK2 as the new interim flagship. 2022 promises to be an exciting year for the Kobe-based company, with new launch activity at the entry level set to break an extensive seven-year R&D period that will see ECLIPSE deliver some of its best-performing models in the near future.

ECLIPSE retailers have very limited TD712zMK2 availability with stock strictly on a first-come first-served basis.


With extraordinary R&D resources at its disposal, ECLIPSE has crafted a visually stunning range of uncompromising loudspeakers, including desktop, home cinema and subwoofer models, which have been delighting studio engineers, musicians and music and movie lovers since 2001.

Compared to conventional loudspeakers, which focus on reproducing a flat and wide frequency response, ECLIPSE speakers focus on the accurate reproduction of the sound waveform. This means the emphasis is not just limited to tone and rhythm, but the dynamic transients that are essential for expressing musicians’ skill and creativity. ECLIPSE technology makes every ECLIPSE Home Audio Series loudspeaker sound unimaginably lifelike, with incredible accuracy, expression and effortless delivery.

Everything about the ECLIPSE Home Audio Series’ design, from the use of single full-range drivers to ovoid (egg-shaped) cabinets, has been skilfully implemented by its engineers who understand that accurate sound waveform performance is achieved by engineering-out all the factors that compromise conventional boxy loudspeakers. Put simply, the ECLIPSE Home Audio Series lets you listen to the music, not the loudspeaker.