Focal Kanta N2 | Naim

Absolute Sound Singapore writes: "In this client setup, we get a chance to see how a thoughtfully curated home can be enhanced by an award-winning music system like the Uniti Nova and Focal Kanta N2." 

"The extremely capable Uniti Nova sports an impressive amount of streaming functionality from Spotify Connect, Tidal, Qobuz, Internet Radio and additionally being a Roon Ready device with Bluetooth, Airplay and Chromecast Audio capabilities. 

Connected to your home network and controlled via the Naim app on an iOS or Android device, the Uniti Nova is equipped with a powerful 80W Class A/B amplifier which is offers a great synergy with the Focal Kanta N2's. 

The Focal Kanta N2's in the Ivory/Walnut finish, complement the space incredibly well while simultaneously offering our client engaging musical performances. Equipped with Focal technologies like the NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit) motor for precise bass control, Flax driver for incredible mid-range warmth and the Beryllium tweeter for astonishingly clear high-frequency reproduction, the Kanta N2 holds nothing back!"