HRS Cable Organizer

The Harmonic Resolution Systems Inc. Cable Organizer is designed to be attached horizontally to the back of any HRS Audio Stand as well as to clean up the look of your system and provide an improved cosmetic appearance. The HRS Cable Organizer structure is designed with a grid pattern that allows for the clean routing of power cords and signal cables. 

Zip ties or velcro can be attached to the structure to keep cords and cables more organized.

Available in a black or silver anodized finish.

HRS Cable Organizers are available in standard widths of 19'', 21", and custom size widths.

These can be easily attached to the back of the HRS VXR, SXR, and RXR Audio Stands.

The Cable Organizer's aluminum structure is strong enough to support lightweight, small components.

E1N Custom Isolation Bases

HRS also manufactures an E1N Isolation Base which can be mounted onto the cable organizer to isolate a small component or networked cable from the supporting structure.