Luphonic Labs H2 Turntable

Luphonic Labs writes: "The H2 model is a high-quality turntable with belt drive and a tonearm with gimbal suspension. The unusual shape of the turntable was chosen to minimize possible interference from the platter bearing on the tonearm." 

To avoid sound-disturbing influences from the motor or impact sound, a sandwich construction was chosen, with a layer of vibration-damping foam inserted in the center. The chassis is made of solid surface material, which has low resonance due to its high density and physical structure, making it an ideal material for this application. The highly polished surface is produced by a complex process involving 7 grinding and polishing passes, and impresses with its pleasant feel.

Digital motor control

The low-vibration synchronous motor is supplied with precise sine and cosine waves via microprocessor-controlled motor electronics, thus achieving smooth running and precise speeds. Before delivery, the motor control is individually adapted to the respective motor. The motor is decoupled from the turntable and tonearm unit so that no mechanical influences interfere with the musical information.


The operation of the H2 is contactless with a puck without buttons and switches. Depending on the side that is placed on the turntable, it plays either at 33 or 45 RPM as soon as the puck is on the turntable.

The speed is visually displayed in easy-to-read red digits.

If you want to stop the playback, the puck is only moved a bit or removed.

Advantages are the wear-free function and the prevention of unauthorized use.

K2 Tonearm 

The tonearm K2 has been completely redesigned and features a classic gimbal suspension realized by high-quality Japanese precision ball bearings. At the end of the carbon tube sits a headshell made of special plastic produced in an additive process, which combines low weight with high rigidity. The tonearm can be easily adjusted in height as well as in azimuth.